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PhD program in Security, Risk and Vulnerability
Curriculum Risk and Resilience Engineering for the Natural, Industrialized and Built environments

This curriculum aims to educate highly qualified researchers and professionals in the engineering fields related to the resilience of the natural, industrialized and built environments in where we live, in order to assess and tackle risks arising from natural hazards and anthropic activities and their impact on society, in terms of direct and indirect losses and their economic, social and environmental consequences.

The curriculum is strongly characterized by a multi-disciplinary and systemic approach favouring a cross-fertilization among different research areas.

The main research themes and topics in the curriculum are:

The coordinator of the Curriculum is Professor Serena Cattari

Relevant publications:

Risk and resilience studies related to Anthropic activities

Risk and resilience studies related to Natural hazard

Risk and resilience studies related to Industrial activities

Tools for surveying and mapping risk and resilience assessments

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