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Concorsi XXXIV Ciclo
Graduatorie finali:

Dr. Ilaria Ferrando has ben awarded with

"premio AUTeC per la miglior tesi di dottorato in Geomatica*, sezione: Geodesia, GNSS, Navigazione"

for her PhD thesis:
GNSS contribution to monitor severe rainfalls: an innovative procedure for wide and orographically complex area with existing infrastructures

PhD program in Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

The course aims to train researchers and professionals characterized by a complete and integrated preparation in the fields of civil and chemical engineering and able to carry out the design of works and installations always considering their impact on the environment.

The course consists of four curricula:

The Coordinator of the course is Professor Guido Busca

All course activities are carried out in english language.

DICCA - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica e Ambientale
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