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PhD program in Marine Science and Technologies
Curriculum Engineering for Marine and Coastal Environments

The curriculum in Engineering for Marine and Coastal Environments (EMaCEs) takes as its starting point the different scientific expertise developed by the departmental academic staff in the fields of Environmental, Chemical and Structural Engineering.
This specificity makes the curriculum highly multidisciplinary and with a significant rate of innovation thanks to possibile cross-feritilization among the different research areas.

The main research themes and topics in the curriculum are:

The educational objectives of the program are accomplished through a committee with specific expertise in the areas of study of the program in a highly stimulating scientific environment.

The Coordinator of the Curriculum is Professor Giovanni Besio

Relevant publications:

Ocean and Atmosphere Dynamics

Mixing Processes in the Sea

Marine Litter and Microplastic Fate in the Sea

Nearshore Hydro- and Morpho-Dynamics

Waste Management in Maritime Transport

Optimization approaches to control fluid flows in marine applications

Geomatics for Marine Environment

Bio-chemical Resources of the Sea

Emission Treatment Technologies for Environmental Protection

Environmental Reliability, Safety and Risk Management

Clean energy production and carbon capture technologies for marine applications

Wind effect on port infrastructrures and ships

Marine Composites and Advanced Materials

Structural Mechanics in Marine Environments

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